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A fashion doll brand by Mattel inspired by famous monsters and horror creatures. These toys depict teenage monsters, each with its unique appearance that allows diving into the world of fantasy and creativity in creating new images.

About the manufacturer Monster High

Monster High is a brand of fashionable toys created by Mattel in 2010. The series' main characters are teenagers, descendants of famous monsters and creatures of horror. Each doll has its own unique image that allows you to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and creatively reproduce it.

Monster High has many characters with different personalities and interests, from the school leader to the punk rocker, and from the magician to the witch. Each doll has its own name and original style of clothing, shoes, and accessories, allowing for countless combinations of looks.

The Monster High brand has become very popular among girls around the world, and their dolls have become objects of desire for many collectors. Many Monster High dolls are limited editions, which makes them even more valuable to collectors. In addition, the brand regularly releases new series and collections of dolls, allowing collectors to expand their collections with new and unique dolls.

Overall, Monster High is a brand that allows children and collectors to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and creativity, create new images, and turn their toys into unique masterpieces.

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