Star Wars: Ahsoka series by Funko Pop!

Star Wars: Ahsoka series - this is a collection of dolls by Pop! brand. Dolls of the series were released from 2023 to 2024 and currently 15 of them are presented in the catalog. The most popular doll of this series according to the community is Funko Pop! Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars: Ahsoka.

from $16.09 Grand Admiral Thrawn
-7% from $12.30 Shin Hati
-21% from $26.19 Clone Trooper (Phase 1)
-12% from $13.98 Baylan Skoll
-6% from $13.55 Captain Enoch
-15% from $14.09 Thrawn's Night Trooper
from $11.60 General Hera Syndulla
from $13.87 Thrawn's Night Trooper (Grey Mask)
-9% from $12.92 Ahsoka Tano
+11% from $8.56 Marrok
from $12.99 Professor Huyang
-11% from $12.20 Morgan Elsbeth
from $12.12 C1-10P (Chopper)
-6% from $19.80 Ahsoka Tano (Dual Lightsabers)
332Nd Company Trooper
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