The Lord Of The Rings series by Funko Pop!

The Lord Of The Rings series - this is a collection of dolls by Pop! brand. Dolls of the series were released from 2017 to 2024 and currently 10 of them are presented in the catalog. The most popular doll of this series according to the community is Funko Pop! SUPER Cave Troll, The Lord Of The Rings.

+27% from $22.47 SUPER Cave Troll
+28% from $20.23 Frodo With Orc Helmet
+13% from $16.44 Legolas Greenleaf
-6% from $12.99 Mouth Of Sauron
from $20.23 Thoden
+34% from $30.90 Sauron (Glow)
from $13.50 Smeagol
-7% from $14.87 Gollum
from $17.49 Samwise Gamgee
from $13.95 Frodo Baggins
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